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Everyone has a different definition of what it means to be successful in life. To some it could be having a steady job and income and enjoying luxuries now and then. For others it could be living their dream job and searching for true happiness. There are numerous ways one can achieve success, aka triumph, but not everyone is confident enough to go out and do it. But if you don’t trust in yourself and get past your fears, whether it’s fear of failing, criticism, discouragement…etc, how will you be able to walk on the path life has set out for you? You won’t be able to take even one step. So believe in yourself. “Fake it until you make it.” Faking confidence will over time turn into real confidence. It’s better than not having any confidence and as a result not do anything.

You can start with the little things in life and gradually build up your resolve over time. For example, I wanted to learn a new language which seems daunting except I have a great love for learning languages so that gave me some confidence to start learning. I started by looking into some resources myself and asking friends who knew my target language for help. I’m at a point now where I can read, write, and speak the language, albeit not very fluently and only in small phrases. I also don’t understand a lot of what I’m reading but at the very least I have triumphed in learning the alphabet and understanding how the characters are pronounced and written. This was my little triumph that will only lead to greater triumphs in the future. These moments give me further confidence to continue fulfilling my dream and in the end I’ll be able to achieve success in my passions. Which means you can do the same too.

Don’t wait for chances to be delivered to you-take action and create those opportunities so you can triumph.

-Avie ❤


via Daily Prompt: Triumph


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