Turn Up

Turn Up

It’s a quiet night, a lone figure sitting in the kitchen, doing a bit of work
An empty house that transforms into a mansion with the silence the moon brings
Sitting cross legged on a chair, pen in hand tapping dots on the fingers; a little quirk
Trees shuffle right and left outside, dancing to a song only they know how to sing.

The overwhelming loudness of the silence threatens to break the figure
Closed eyes plunge the world into darkness, but a fiery spark remains
A tap of the screen and a press of the button; no longer feeling insane
Dancing figures materialize and a harmony of voices fill the air-they sang:

About love, happiness, passion, independence, comfort, victories.
About loss, pain, anger, sadness, grief, uncertainty, anxiety.

Artists come to life and the empty mansion becomes a light-filled stage
Their music permeates the room, floods the basement and fills the floors with voices
Not quiet loud enough, a single slide of the finger turns up the volume until the voices
burst into the street, into the city, and mends the broken hearts locked in their cage.

The figure wonders if there exists a volume where the music is loud enough that it can reach the soul of the world and perhaps-yours too.

-Avie ❤


via Daily Prompt: Volume


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