My Life Inspiration

Paragon (n.): a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.

There are a lot of people I admire that inspire me but one person that I admire the most in my life is my mom. Needless to say, she is my paragon for life. There are a lot of admirable qualities about my mom, but some of the things I admire the most is her perseverance and her ability to overcome the difficulties/criticisms in her life.

My mom doesn’t come from a rich family; she started working as a young student and didn’t have the money to go to college, but she brought her mom (my grandma) over here to America to earn a living using the little English she knew. Basically after she finished high school, her teenage self came over to America and guided my grandma who only knew Chinese and couldn’t speak English to start a new life. That takes a lot of courage and it’s not something I think I would be brave enough to do. Going to a foreign country where nothing is familiar and not being able to communicate easily with those around is extremely difficult. But my mom managed and struggled through the tough times on her own.

Today, my mom isn’t a super wealthy woman or anything. But she’s not bad off either. Having gone from working as a waitress with long hours and small pay, she has become the owner of the restaurant she was a waitress at and has owned and managed it successfully for over ten years. As a business person, especially in the restaurant world, you will find yourself facing a lot of criticisms perhaps from people who look down on having that job or from unsatisfied customers. But unlike myself, my mom can take those criticisms and make them her strong points. She will bounce right back up and keep working hard until those criticisms are nothing. I realized this the other day as I was working alongside her and I felt so proud to have her as my mom. If she wanted to, she has the ability to be given nothing and build an empire.  But she is still one of the  most humble people I know and I love her for all the life lessons she has taught me and how to have a strong and good character.

While the main focus of this post was about my mommy, I didn’t forget about you daddy. 😀 My dad is another wonderful person who I love so dearly but that’s for another day. ^^

-Avie ❤

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