Bring It To Life

I’ll spell it out in the stars if you insist,
that we were all born to create.
It would take an infinite time to make the list
of all the things we were born to create.

There are a lot of ways/things we can create. We can create stories through writing. We can create art through colors and shapes. We can create songs through music notes. We can create memories through living. We can create computers through machinery. We can create new dishes through ingredients. And the list goes on. Everyone has their own way of creating and bringing to life what was originally just in their imagination.

So for today, I decided to create something through art. ^^

create dp final.png

I wanted to try and convey an inspirational and somewhat “controlled-chaos/infinite possibilities” feeling that creating art gives me through this design. Hopefully this will inspire you to create something today as well! 🙂

Bring your imagination to life,

-Avie ❤


via Daily Prompt: Create


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