To Make You Proud

There is a room in my home where a light is always shining
You can hear the squeaking of the chair or the clicking of the mouse
A seven year old me would always wander on over, smiling
Placing my latest find on your desk and then sprinting away to another room in the house

Other days when the sun was high and the house felt too stuffy
I would come find you and pull you along to the garage
And out we would go, to the park to build sandcastles with clouds above so fluffy
Running up and down the hills near the forest, the sun so bright and hot it creates a mirage

Falling asleep on the car ride home with the stars twinkling overhead
Tucked in bed with a goodnight kiss and a pat on the head
Nightmares throughout the night, cries from my bed
But you would swoop in like a superhero instead
And the darkness wouldn’t look that dark anymore.

Ten years later and I’ve learned to stand on my own ground
A lifetime of receiving, the roles reverse and it’s now my turn
To repay the love given to me. The life lessons that come around
And shape me into who I am today are thanks to what I learn
Each and everyday from the person who works day and night
To bring me infinite happiness and a life without concerns.
Now I’ve made it my ultimate goal to make you proud by working day and night
So I can bring you infinite happiness and a life without concerns.

Happy Father’s Day ā¤

-Avie šŸ™‚



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