Put It On Loop

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve written something on here! Sorry for being away. I’ve recently had a lot of studying and work to do so I’ve been trying to get it done. Sometimes being busy can be tiring but I think in the end we would all like to be busy so at least we have something to do. But after sitting in one spot for hours trying to focus on working, it’s can get really dull. So, I play music! Not saying that I actually have an instrument that  I play while studying, but playing music from Spotify or whatever’s convenient. 😉 So I decided I would share 35 songs that I think are loop-worthy songs or songs you should listen to at least once! (The majority of the songs I’m going to list will be Kpop because that’s what I listen to but no worries! There will be other songs that aren’t Kpop too. ^^ Fair warning: some of the rap songs aren’t clean versions. ^^) 

  1. Sur Ma Route by Black M

    black m.jpg
    This is actually a French song
  2. Home by Ailee ft. Yoon Miraehome ailee.jpg
  3. It’s Definitely You by V, Jinits definitly you v jin.jpg
  4. Don’t Recall by K.A.R.Ddont recall final.jpg
  5. Attention and Dangerously by Charlie Puthcharlie puth.png
  6. Wine by Suranwine by suran.jpg
  7. Movie Shoot by Loco ft. DPR Livebleached.jpg
  8. Untitled, 2014 by G-DragonG-Dragon.jpg
  9. Adore U and Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen dont wanna cry svt.png
  10. I by Taeyeontaeyeon 2.jpg
  11. Feel So Good by B.A.P.feel so good.png
  12. Soldier by Taemin (And Shinee’s Married To The Music)taemin.jpg
  13. Girlfriend and Real Love by Henryreal love.png
  14. Borders by Amber borders.jpg
  15. Hard Carry and If You Do by GOT7hardcarry.jpg
  16. Papaoutai by Stromae

    another French song 😀
  17. Comes and Goes and Leather Jacket by Hyukohleather jacket.jpg
  18. Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyangrise.jpg
  19. Dancing King (w/ Yoo Jae Suk) and Sing For You by Exosing for you.jpg
  20. Cave Me In by Tablo, Gallant, Eric Namcave me in.jpg
  21. Palette by IU ft. G-Dragonpalette.jpg
  22. A.D.T.O.Y by 2PMadtoy.jpg
  23. Really Really and Fool by Winnerwinner.jpg
  24. Me Like Yuh by Jay Parkjay park.jpg
  25. Cheap Thrills and Elastic Heart by Siacheap thrills.jpg
  26. Devil by Super Juniordevil bw.png
  27. Bad by Infinitebad.jpg
  28. Stay With Me by Punch, Chanyeolgoblin ost.jpg
  29. The Song and Yanghwa BRDG by Zion T.zion t.jpg
  30. Can’t Stop by CNBluecan't stop.jpg
  31. Nilili Mambo and Toy by Block Btoy.jpg
  32. Fake PT. 2 by BeWhybewhy.jpg
  33. Beside Me by Davichidavichi.jpg
  34. Bermuda Triangle by Zico, Dean, Crushber triangle.jpg
  35. Dope and Save Me by BTS (I would also recommend their most recent songs Not Today and Spring Day)bts.png

*Bonus* Some albums/Artists to check out!

  1. Agust D’s mixtape
  2. Zico’s Gallery Album
  3. Big Bang’s MADE Album
  4. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 Albums and Wings Album by BTS
  5. Rap Monster’s mixtape
  6. DPR Live’s Coming To You Live Album
  7. Epik High’s Shoebox Album
  8. K. Will
  9. Jessi (rapper)
  10. Tablo

There are so many more good songs I want to share but that would be a really long list. In the end, these are just songs that I often listen to or that caught my eye as I was scrolling through my playlist. So as to not bore you guys I’ll stop here for now. If you guys have any songs you love to listen to please comment it! I would love to know! 🙂

-Avie ❤


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